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Have you moved beyond the 'start-up' stage?

Do you own a business that is changing, growing and expanding, but your time and structure are shrinking?

Are you done with high-maintenance and crave simpler, easier, better ?

You can reach your goals.
You can transform not just how you work, but how your business performs.
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Ask where you want your business to be in 3 months, 1 year, 5 years. Have a strategy and know how you are going to get the results you want, when you want. 


Business growth rarely happens by accident. Be intentional and secure your future. Support, structure and consistent commitment lead to success. 


When you are clear on your plan, it is easier to focus on your priorities and to tune out distractions. Create more space for everything you want and need in your life. 


A quick introduction

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Some of my programmes include:


Book a 15 minute complimentary Zoom chat to figure out where you are at with your goals and what would help you to feel positive, productive and empowered to achieve them.

97% of 10,000 business leaders (HBR) said being strategic is the most important leadership behaviour. 

Yet 96%* of leaders said they lacked time for strategic thinking. That the day-to-day got in the way. 

Where do you fit in?
What if you were in the 4%?

How would that make you feel?
What would that do for your business?

If you want to have the business and lifestyle of your dreams...

there are 4 key factors at work.

Be a Goal Setter

Goal fulfilment is a process and it starts with clearly identifying and setting goals that will get you where you want to go. We review past, present and future motivations and performance and clearly define your goals per month, quarter, year or more. How would it feel to set your goals for this year, next year, the next 5 years?

Be a Goal Getter

'Begin with the end in mind' - Setting goals is just the start. Now the work begins... To get from A to Z we need to identify the steps from in between, put them into an action plan and set a timeline. This is supported by regular trouble-shooting and accountability. The systems and structure of your business are also crucial to your goal success. 

Embrace Structure

Whether it's where you work, how you work, apps, action plans or environment, structure matters. This also links to your mindset.  Together, we consider the clear and simple structure which will support you as you work towards your business goals and vision. Not only this, but structure also harnesses the power of automation and 'a minimalist business' outlook.

Have a Goal Partner

Running a business can be lonely. Even with the best of intentions finding someone you can totally trust and level with can be a challenge. I work with business owners, especially sole traders, to discuss your business decisions, challenges and aspirations. This new energy and motivation is where the true value of GOH Consulting lies. 

"When I began working with Gemma I was extremely frustrated and I had too many complicated systems in my business, and none of them were working for me. Gemma created a new simplified and highly effective system for me to measure my KPIs, track my goals, and measure my progress. On top of all that she gave me some very valuable time management advice. "

Justine McGrath
Owner, ProACTive Coaching

"Gemma is a total pro and is one of, if not THE most productive person I know. Gemma is a powerhouse; excellent at productivity, project management and helping business owners get their life together! Use her services and watch your business become so much more productive and much easier to manage. What she offers is pure gold! "

Justine McGrath (cont.)
Owner, ProACTive Coaching

"Gemma was a pleasure to work with in the lead up to the opening of Pearse Lyons Distillery. She is a passionate and energetic project manager. With her help we our achieved targets and opened to the public seamlessly. Gemma has strong communication skills, which also assisted with the teams delivery on the project. "

Tracey Flinter
General Manager

"From the first briefing Gemma grasped what we were trying to achieve, embraced the challenge and ran with it. A problem shared with Gemma is a problem forgotten. "

John Lyons

"Gemma is very professional, proactive, detail driven, financially conscious and have greatly enhanced the Association’s support team and the services we provide to our members. "

Irish Franchise Association
Based on membership support work & Irish Franchise Association Awards

"Working with Gemma on a recent project was a pleasure, she is highly organised, flexible and brings extensive knowledge to the table."

The Housing Agency

"Gemma was a tremendous support to Sonairte as we engaged in major restructuring and worked towards re-opening our visitor centre and gardens. Her dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm provided focus and direction for this complex project."

The Board

"Gemma is highly efficient and organised with excellent project management skills who pays great attention to detail and was a valuable asset to the team. She quickly builds successful working relationships, is an effective communicator and her positive personality and supportive nature assist greatly in bringing the best out of a team. "

Sinead Gordon
Event Director, 2018 WPS Allianz European Championships

"It was my first event and Gemma was absolutely wonderful to work with. She helped me focus on key areas and highlighted things I just simply wouldn’t have thought about which saved me a lot of time, money and effort. She also provided me with valuable resources and contacts. I really felt like I was in good hands and was confident that I had the support of someone who was very experienced in their field."

Sarah-Jane Vincent
South East Digital Picnic 2019


I am passionate about fulfilling potential and making things happen and I actively live by those principles. Whether you want the high life, the quiet life or something in between, sign up for my mailing list for tips, inspiration, news and motivation.


"The only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work for them"

Michelle Obama

Project management and goal success clients include:

A message from Gemma O'Halloran:

Goals are dreams with a deadline. Having goals changed my life. It changes my life every day. Goals are tough work but, in my experience, there is nothing like committing yourself to a vision and seeing it become reality. For me the true buzz comes from creating a strategy which ticks all the boxes and is a sure-fire way of getting the results that I and my clients want. Just like my 15 years in events, the successful outcome is then inevitable, not a possibility. 

Step by wonderful step, you get there and the results are addictive. The reward is worth it. 

My clients consistently notice how real goals and a strategy to achieve them motivates you, focuses you, provides direction to those working with you and will ultimately create a competitive advantage, greater fulfilment and will inspire confidence. I am here to help you crack the goal code, in a practical, no-fuss way and a huge injection of energy and no-nonsense motivation. 

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