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Positive change doesn't happen by accident.
I combine innovative thinking, strategy and effective collaboration to take your ideas from theory to action to reality.

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Being strategic is about taking the time to THINK, ask questions, and explore the possibilities until we get the combination that will get you the best results possible in the best way. 


It's all well and good having a strategy but next steps require a strong action plan, collaboration, leadership and to ultimately ACT to make this vision a reality, whatever it takes. 


Everything about well-executed project management is about making an idea, a vision into a reality so that we can LIVE the results and their benefits.

97% of 10,000 business leaders (HBR) said being strategic is the most important leadership behaviour. 

Yet 96%* of leaders said they lacked time for strategic thinking. That the day-to-day got in the way. 

Where do you fit in?
What if you were in the 4%?

How would that make you feel?
What would that do for your business?

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About Gemma O'Halloran

I am an award-winning project manager with a 15-year international career of being organised, problem-solving, thinking creatively, collaborating, facilitating and getting things done. I have delved into every aspect of PM to find out what is behind getting the best results - and to eliminate what doesn't. 

Innovation, strategy and collaboration are the pillars of the project management work that I do for my clients. Every project is different and needs to be approached individually. If you are making a ESG change, implementing a new plan, new tech, new processes, greater productivity, creating a new event or any other innovation or pioneering activity in your business or organisation - that is where I work best. I embrace change. I understand what you need to navigate it. My mission is to make the reality of innovation more accessible, and therefore more possible for the benefit of all involved. 

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"Gemma is a total pro and is one of, if not THE most productive person I know. Gemma is a powerhouse; excellent at productivity, project management and helping business owners get their life together! Use her services and watch your business become so much more productive and much easier to manage. What she offers is pure gold! "

Justine McGrath
Owner, ProACTive Coaching

"I genuinely don't have the words to describe to you fully what it feels like, for me to know that I am finally putting the structure that I've always wanted on my business. And as it's happening, and as it's playing out in front of my face and my mind, and the way that you present things to me, I feel so safe, secure, in control. It's a really, really exciting time, I can feel like the gears are shifting every single day. And I genuinely would not be able to do this on my own. I am so excited for where we are going to take my business. "

Nicola Connolly-Byrne
The Personal Empowerment Specialist

"Gemma thank you so much for creating Goal Master. For me, it landed into my lap at the right time when I needed to get that focus back on my time management and prioritisation. What I really liked is that all your workshops were super practical and I felt I was gaining something from each one. It was also so lovely to connect with business owners to just talk. "

Christina Clarkin

"I recently signed up for Gemma's Goal Master Programme. It was a really worthwhile programme. Lots of good tips and practical advice for setting goals and putting robust systems into place to help me achieve them, The Goal Mapping process and its visual output was particularly valuable. Gemma has a great coaching style - fun and enthusiastic, but insightful and focused as well."

Susan Mulholland

" was struggling to move forward and needed guidance on next steps. Gemma helped me fine tune my goals and then break them down bit by bit so I could focus on all the small things that needed to be done in order to achieve each goal. Gemma’s guidance with timeframes and suggestions on business solutions was really helpful. I attended her accountability club after so I could follow on with my goals focus."

Michele Ryan

"Thanks so much for such fantastic sessions Gemma! I found the information on time management, prioritisation of workload and breaking down the steps to reach my business goals really useful. But most importantly, it was really helpful to connect with other small business owners and share our ideas, concerns and goals for our business."

Lynn Graham

"I was reaching my goals and my business doubled in a short period of time however this left me feeling quite overwhelmed. I felt that parts of my business had gotten more complicated and my vision blurred. Gemma's sessions helped me to strip it right back, to simplify my structure and offers and get a clear focus again. ...Gemma is a wealth of knowledge, and a super human way of creating systems and structure I would highly recommend Gemma services. "

Amanda Delaney
Business Marketing Mentor

"Gemma was a pleasure to work with in the lead up to the opening of Pearse Lyons Distillery. She is a passionate and energetic project manager. With her help we our achieved targets and opened to the public seamlessly. Gemma has strong communication skills, which also assisted with the teams delivery on the project. "

Tracey Flinter
General Manager

"Working with Gemma on a recent project was a pleasure, she is highly organised, flexible and brings extensive knowledge to the table."

The Housing Agency

"From the first briefing Gemma grasped what we were trying to achieve, embraced the challenge and ran with it. A problem shared with Gemma is a problem forgotten. "

John Lyons


I work with clients on a 1:1 or project basis, which we can discuss on a preliminary call. Innovation project management transforms overwhelming ideas into clear, well-managed, exciting and effective realities. 


My clients include:


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In 2021, I won Network Wicklow Businesswoman of the Year - Emerging New Business category and finalist in the Power Within category. The judges comments included 'Her solid financial projections and her knowledge of her market was very impressive. She knows exactly where she wants her business to go and how she's going to achieve her goals.' Walking the walk, not just talking the talk!

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"If the pandemic has highlighted anything, it is the need to be resilient in the face of change and uncertainty, and that global habits can change if we need them to. The next decade will be about innovation and sustainability. Companies cannot ignore what is happening and innovation project managers are the vanguard to help make those changes possible."

Gemma O'Halloran

* Strategic Thinking Institute

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