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Your business should not make you ill

This past week I had no less than 4 people tell me that they were feeling stress symptoms and were physically ill because of something that was going on with their businesses and the impact on life, or vice versa.  

Our business, our job, should not make us ill. It's not ok and, if you are there right now, I am so sorry to hear it. It totally and utterly sucks. Let's just call it out. 

I'm no doctor, but if you are feeling sick to your stomach over something, experiencing brain fog, over-eating, not sleeping, can't make yourself do something or generally feel like you are weighed down, something has to give and, if it's you, it won't be pretty. 

As someone who has broken out in hives triggered by stress, my advice is that recovery starts with a decision and only you can make it. Remember the amazing guts and gumption that you are made of and say no to feeling like crap. Say yes to feeling positive, energetic and inspired. 

Whatever is at the root of it, identify the source and call it out. Have the conversation. 'Divorce' the client. Finish the project. Assert your boundaries. Make a decision. Lose the self-expectation. Take the time for yourself. Write the blog. Challenge the 'judging voice' in our head about needing to have a perfect house / children / life / hair or anything else. 

Nerve-wrecking? Yes, but it can continue to do you emotional, mental and physical harm or you can begin to stop it in its tracks.   

Decide to ensure you get what you need.
Decide to build the support network and habits that charge your batteries. 

How often do we put what we need, what would support us and give value to our business to the end of the queue? If we were advising a friend or family member we would be right there making them do it. 

The decision and the difference starts with each of us. 
Decide you want it to be different.
We are here with you. 


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