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5 Questions to check if you have healthy boundaries

I used to be useless at boundaries. Totally useless (eyeroll). I was always stressed, always exhausted and eventually my body gave out. Since then I've had to learn something that I didn't event know I didn't know. 

I remember what it felt like to first say no to a thought, to an idea. Previously I would have gone down the rabbit hole all while thinking that I was on the right track and doing something I needed to do. I was just threading water rather than living and I didn't even realise. 

Turns out a lot of what I was doing in a day was actually not contributing to what I really wanted and needed in my life. Go figure!

So have a think about these questions:

  1. - Do you say yes to everything or everyone?
  2. - Do you question the need for each action or do you prioritise?
  3. - Do you often find yourself stressed and overwhelmed around your commitments?
  4. - Do you ever say 'no' or re-negotiate a request to better work for you?
  5. - Do you ever question other peoples definition of urgent and when they want things done?

My answers used to really tell me that I had no healthy boundaries. 

So I said no, mainly inside my head. I closed some doors. I opened others. I changed my relationships with different people in different ways. I asked myself what I needed to stay healthy and happy - and what I didn't need. The process of putting healthy boundaries in place had begun...

The answers to these questions gave me the courage to move down the country, buy a house on my own, renovate that house, renovate the gardens and start a new business. It's giving me courage to do even more. 

Today's message, especially at a time when we are all being tested in so many ways, is this.

Check your boundaries.

They are a really healthy thing. They are necessary for growth and reaching your potential as a person and a business owner. 


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