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Does your Business work without you?

Uncategorized May 27, 2021

It’s a sobering question isn't it.

If you are not at your desk, actively working, is your business 'working' without you? 

So many of those I speak to have this idea of passive income. This is the vision of a business which makes money while we sleep or at least while we are away from our desk. More often though it breaks my heart when I hear the stories of stress and overwhelm from feeling like everything depends on you, financially or otherwise, and the pressure is crushing...

Seems like a pipe dream doesn't it, but, in truth, a big part of the solution boils down to time and how we use it.

I did some market research last year and 90% of respondents said that time was the biggest challenge to getting things done in their business.

The solution

I challenged the time conundrum a few years ago and realised that it's actually how we use time and our time mindset that is the roadblock.

I've discovered that there are 4 ways to challenge how we get things done in our solopreneur businesses.

  1. Eliminate
  2. Delegate
  3. Outsource
  4. Automate

If you are not doing at least one of these then you are missing a trick and I invite you to change that today.

A challenge to act...

Look at that list and ask yourself:

  • What one thing can I eliminate from my day, my to-do list, from my business offering?
  • What can I delegate to eg. a VA to free up my time to do the high value work?
  • What can I outsource from other experts? eg. digital marketing, accounting, ads management, event management.
  • What can I automate? eg. free calls, meeting scheduling, email management, sign up forms, onboarding.

The road to passive income or still making money when you are not at your desk starts with taking an objective view at what and where you spend your time.

It is the essence of working smarter not harder.

If you could spend double the time on developing your business, both gaining and serving clients, what impact would that have on you, your business and your life?

Give it a go.

I'd love to hear what happens and your ideas.


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