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'I should be doing something'

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2021

We've just had a very interesting conversation in the FastTrack Club ...

We started by acknowledging that it was the 30th April, and we are 1 quarter and 1/3 into the year. We also took a moment to say well done for everything we have achieved to date this year - which is A LOT.

It's important to celebrate the good stuff. The hard work, the goals we've reached, the self-care we've practiced or the new boundaries we've set.

So many of us have that devilish little voice inside our heads that stops us from stopping at all, 'I need to do X next...' or 'I should be doing this...' or 'people will think I'm lazy if I ...', or some variation on that inner dialogue. 

BS, if you'll pardon my French. 

We need to learn to celebrate our wins for what they are. To remind ourselves of what we have achieved already and not just what is still in front of us. 

So this long weekend I'm saying, you've done enough. 

Take the time off, guilt-free. 

If you're not right, nothing else around you will be right either. Ploughing forward and not taking a break only disguises a bigger problem. 

Figure out what your rest looks like. Take time to do that. Sit for a few minutes on your own and check in on yourself. See what happens...

You've done enough and to quote one of the members 'I've flippin' earned this!'. 


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