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10 things this past year has taught me

Mar 03, 2021

"You are a goal and accountability coach."

If you told me this a year ago, I would have said you were mad. 

Wow. This day last year I was a live event manager.

How times change.

Like me, you have your own Covid story and, like me, you are probably thinking that it was this week last year that everything changed.

My gamechanger came on March 4 when I got the first phone call that my event, due to take place in 4 weeks and we had worked on it for many months, was being pushed out. So began the great exodus. The entire live event industry quickly felt the effects and all live events, be it conferences, seminars, tradeshows, festivals, concerts and any others you can think of, were cancelled and have not returned since.

I could go down that rabbit-hole, but for the purposes of this email, I'm not going to.

Instead I am going to share the 10 valuable lessons that this year has highlighted for me and my business.

  1. No one will give you permission to be successful. You have to...
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