Ensure 2021 stays on track 
& get your business ducks in a row. 

Invest in this training to gain a new perspective,
more time and greater potential for you and your business. 

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Enough is Enough.

If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got.
What got you this far is highly unlikely to get you to your dream lifestyle or business.
Time to mix it up. GoalMaster is my proposed solution and it starts with the 4-part The Basics / Level 1. 

Learn the essentials of goal planning and time mindset.

Part 1: Why Goals?

Delve into why goals are important and why they impact your business performance. 

Part 2: Prioritising

Where are you at now? 
Where is your head at?
How do you prioritise?

Part 3: Time

Your time mindset.
How to free up hours.
Reassigning time.

Part 4: Roadmap

Together we create a goal roadmap showing the key steps between start and end. 

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Lynn Graham, Virtualbookkeeping.ie

"Thanks so much for such fantastic sessions Gemma! I found the information on time management, prioritisation of workload and breaking down the steps to reach my business goals really useful. But most importantly, it was really helpful to connect with other small business owners and share our ideas, concerns and goals for our business."

GoalMaster attendee (2020)

What will a session be like?

Two words. Action and accountability. 

GoalMaster is designed to be highly practical. Overall the course will be approx. 50% insights and 50% time to work through specific strategic exercises. 

You will be able to put the results of these exercises into action immediately after the session, no homework, just real life application and accountability where you need it. 

It is your chance to take a breath and get a birdseye view of your business vs. being bogged down in the day-to-day. 


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GoalMaster is for you if: 

  • You run an established or growing business. 
  • You want yourself and the business to feel better and realise you need to make changes to do that. 
  • 'Too busy', 'stressed', 'overwhelmed', 'frustrated', 'frazzled' and similar words are how you regularly feel. 
  • You are trying to balance life, family, work and self-care and it's just not happening. 
  • Your business is more chaotic and hard work (ie. high maintenance) than you think it can or should be. 
  • You think that you don't have time to take time to work on your business, much as you would like to.  
  • You always seem distracted with something else to do rather than what your business needs from you. 
  • You find it hard to say no or to put boundaries in place. 
  • Asking for help does not come naturally but you know something has to change.
  • You are open to a new way of thinking and open to learning.  

You can do anything, but not everything


A message from Gemma O'Halloran, GOH Consulting

The GoalMaster process has changed my life. I am a different person today because I stopped to figure out what I really want and how I was going to get it. I have liberated up to 20 hours per work week AND my weekends because of this programme.
I even took 2 weeks off over Christmas and New Year. 
What would you do with this extra time?

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In a recent market survey, I asked business owners of established and expanding Irish businesses what their greatest challenge is to getting things done.

90% answered 'time'. 

Paula Ronan, Ronan Marketing

"I found Gemma O'Halloran's Goalmaster course to be focused, practical and inspiring. It helped me to hone in on my business goals and figure out the steps needed to achieve them. I took part in the pilot accountability club too, now known as Fast Track Club and loved it. What a way to not just get more done, but to get the right things done in a stress-free way. I can thoroughly recommend Gemma, Goalmaster and Fast Track as a great investment for your business. "

(GoalMaster attendee 2020 / Club 2021)

Take the first step towards
transforming your life.

Who couldn't do with more time, clients, productivity, income, focus, strategy, discipline and choice. All of which give you more time with who and where you want, while building a sustainable and successful business. 

Another upside - less stress, less working hours, less time-wasting
and less self-recrimination. 

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Need more accountability, action and progress in your life? Find out more about our weekly FastTrack Club - a business expansion and accountability mastermind for solopreneurs.